Brandon Kastning 2022 Years Ago Messias Jesus Christ of Nazareth Rose from The Dead by The Supreme Ruler of The Universe, The Almighty, Elohim Jehovah, Father God and HIS Holy Spirit! - Amen forever said The Saints! #LetHISPeopleGo Uncategorized (17.04.22, 20:12)(00:00)
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Brandon Kastning Harvard CAP MetaData (US) .SQL [1.2GB] : http://uscaselaw.org/21st-century-american-exodus-lat-expod/united-states-of-america-constitutional-republic/primary-source/american-constitutional-supreme-law/metadata-sql-datasets/jurisdiction-us-scotus-harvard-cap Uncategorized (05.03.22, 23:31)(00:00)
Brandon Kastning Gold.sql | [U.S. Federal Constitution of September 17, 1787] : http://uscaselaw.org/sql-keys/gold-sql Uncategorized (25.01.22, 14:00)(14:00)
Brandon Kastning Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay Warm, Stay Safe and Stay Constitutional! :) Uncategorized (09.12.21, 18:50)(00:00)
Brandon Kastning Stay Strong, Constitutional and Safe! God bless Fellow American Patriots! Uncategorized (18.03.21, 19:14)(00:00)
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