Revision: R3

Updated - 04/17/2022 @ Approx. 20:11 (Easter Sunday)


ICEDRAGON-R3 (Easter Sunday)
ICEDRAGON-R3 (Easter Sunday)
04/17/2022 @ Approx. 19:54



Development for all Main Website Domains:


Development for all Main Website Sub-Domains Also!


It has 64GB DDR3 RAM & Intel i-5 Low-Grade CPU Processor on a Basic XTA Motherboard

Purpose: Learning, Developing, Administrating, Parsing American Primary Source Data and Public Records to .SQL Format for WE THE PEOPLE & WE THE CHURCH


Computer Specifications:

Operating System: Debian Linux

Version: 11 Bullseye

Web Server: Apache 2.4

Database Server: MariaDB Community Server 10.5.15

PHP: 7.4.x

Web Framework: Joomla Project 4.x

Parsing Languages: Python 3.10.0, jq, R


Python 3rd Party Module Libraries:

# /usr/bin# /usr/local/bin/python3.10 -m pip install --upgrade pip

# apt install python3-mysqldb

# apt install python3-lxml

# apt install libmariadb3 libmariadb-dev

# python3.10 -m pip install pandas

# python3.10 -m pip install openpyxl

# python3.10 -m pip install odfpy

# python3.10 -m pip install bs4

# python3.10 -m pip install mysql-connector-python

# python3.10 -m pip install sqlalchemy

# python3.10 -m pip install pymysql

# python3.10 -m pip install mariadb

# python3.10 -m pip install csvkit

# python3.10 -m pip install requests

# python3.10 -m pip install beautifulsoup4

# python3.10 -m pip install mysql-connector



All Successful Parsing of United States of American, Constitutional Republic for which it STANDS, all Free and Independent States, all Free and Independent Counties, Burroughs, Parishes, Unincorporated Areas, Census Areas Supreme Constitutional Law and Records (Primary Source) will have GitHub (github.com) Shared scripts/programs and the .sql (MariaDB Community Server / MySQL Database) files on Internet Archive (archive.org) for Historic and Absolute Record.



WE THE PEOPLE Online (wethepeopleonline.com):



SHARPEN YOUR SWORD Ministries (sharpenyoursword.org):



US CASE LAW (uscaselaw.org):